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Orange Lamb are branding and design agency that specialise in working with personal brands (think entrepreneurs, influencers, coaches, and experts) and small businesses.


We help bring your ideas to life.


Yes that’s exactly what we do. But this is how it normally happens.


A client comes to us wanting a website for their brand. But they aren’t completely sure what they are offering, or who they are offering it to and instead are more focused on what that person over there is doing and how pretty the logo on that other website is.


Having a fantastic visual identity is certainly something we are passionate about, don’t get us wrong, but without the right brand message, direction and values, it is like building a house on sinking sand. What our client really wants is a sounding board, someone to collate all their ideas and make it a reality, someone to help make sure they are moving in the right direction in order to get the confidence they need to grow their brand.

Brand Consulting

Will will listen to your ideas, your challenges, your road blocks and help you unravel all the complicated pathways until you have one clear road ahead. Your brand is your reputation. We help you cut through the noise, distractions, and confusion around what you are trying to achieve with your brand and help you come up with a clear and concise goal on how to keep on track and develop your brand successfully.


Website Design

Whether you want us to recreate a current website with a fresh look or completely design a new website concept from scratch, we can help. Our websites are built on a market leading hosting platform enabling your website to evolve with your business without a huge price tag.  Our designs are bespoke to each client and come fully mobile optimised and search engine optimised (SEO).

Graphic Design

So many small businesses rely on print marketing in order to grow their business. This is why Orange Lamb offer print graphic design services to help them do so. We can help you build a continuous visual brand through any leaflets, brochures, banners, newsletters, business cards or stationery you want to print.


Social Media Graphics

The best way to improve your brand is to have a consistent style and message. Social media is likely one of the biggest forms of marketing for your business which is why we offer our clients digital graphic design. We create branded digital assets for social media and email campaigns including headers & banners for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels as well as promotional graphics.

Podcast Artwork

The podcasting scene is exploding right now and rightly so, it is as excellent way to grow your brands awareness. Not only can we design you an eye-catching podcast main artwork that will stand out in your category, we can also design bespoke templates for launch graphics, episode artwork, you tube channels and marketing assets including audiograms.

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